The Custom Spray Tanning Industry is BOOMING... What Makes YOU Stand Out? 


Are you interested in learning how to spray tan or incorporating this HIGH MARGIN revenue stream into your existing salon, but are struggling with where to turn to get started or how to stand out from your local competition?  The BodiBronze® Certified Salon Program may be exactly what you are looking for!

BodiBronze® is dedicated to the art and precision of custom spray tanning.  BodiBronze® Certified Locations implement state-of-the-art sunless tanning equipment, proprietary sunless solutions and retail products, exceptional training techniques and value continued education of their craft!  But what is even more exciting... as a BodiBronze® Certified Salon, you receive an exclusive territory providing for immediate differentiation from your local competitors!  BodiBronze® solutions, retail products and in-depth training programs are not available on the internet or through national distributors.  They are exclusively available to BodiBronze® Certified Locations only!

How BodiBronze® makes YOU Stand Out!  
• Protected Territory

• Superior Proprietary Products
• Vegan, Non-Comedogenic, Gluten-Free & Paraben-Free Solutions
• Top-of-the-Line Equipment
• Exceptional Hands-On Training and Continued Education Courses
• Lifetime Support
• Immediate Differentiation

BodiBronze® holds an outstanding track record for growth!  With our passion and support, we will help you navigate this exciting new venture as a BodiBronze® Certified Salon.

Please watch our short video with testimonials from some of our current BodiBronze® Certified Salons!

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