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 I am asked all the time:  How did you get started doing spray tanning?


And to be honest, BodiBronze® Sunless Spa grew organically for me.  I owned a small UV tanning salon in 2006 and decided spray tanning would be a great additional service for our clients.  The sunless side of the business grew so incredibly fast, that we opened up a Spray Tanning ONLY salon called BodiBronze® Sunless Spa in 2009, which was almost unheard of at the time.  By 2010, I had 3 locations across the State of Illinois.  


Over the last decade, I have been able to develop a proprietary line of sunless solutions, retail products, equipment and a unique training program that has set us apart from our competitors. Over those years, I had business owners coming to me to see if I could help them grow their sunless business utilizing what I have developed. The BodiBronze® Certified Salon Program was built around this demand. To date, we have 9 Certified Locations throughout Illinois.  


We help you implement spray tanning into your business and/or adjust your current structure to be more streamlined. We train you on our spray tanning processes and become your distributor for equipment, product and education needs. Using our program immediately differentiates your salon by creating a foundation for educated technicians, proprietary solutions and products, top of the line equipment and lifetime support! 


Since we are a small business, we can provide territory restrictions regarding where we want our brand represented.  In an industry that is growing so quickly, being different and unique is HUGE and I am excited to provide that uniqueness to other hard-working business owners! 


We have set the standard for professional spray tanning operations in our area and are always looking for salons that want to stand apart from the rest.  

It’s an incredible service gaining in popularity and I am blessed to have been one of the trail blazers for the industry!  Sunless… The Only Way To Tan!

 - Kristin Little

Owner of BodiBonze® Sunless Sa
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