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Q. Does a spray tan prevent me from burning in the sun?


A. Although spray tanning gives you a natural-looking tan, it works much differently than UV tanning. With spray tanning, we do not use UV rays - the spray solution interacts with the amino acids in your skin to give you that bronzed look, without the harmful effects of UV exposure. At the end of the process, you have the cosmetic bronzed look, but your skin will still react to the sun as if it were completely un-radiated. We always recommend protecting your skin with high levels of SPF to prevent sun burn.


Q. I've had bad experience with sunless before. Are all solutions/applications the same?


A. Absolutely not! As with any other product on the market, sunless solutions are manufactured with different qualities. Over time, sunless has evolved exponentially. Here at BodiBronze® Sunless Spa, we use the most progressive equipment and sunless solutions to ensure the most natural-looking tan possible.


Q. Technician Application vs. Booth Application - which is better?


A. The benefit to having a professionally training airbrush technician apply your tan is that he/she is able to pay special attention to the method of the application. Certain areas of the body tend to absorb more solution than others, and having your spray tan applied by a technician allows them to ensure the most even, natural-looking tan possible. If you're looking to even out tan lines, only spray certain parts of the body, or even just avoid wearing the nail caps and barrier creams, then technician applications are for you. Booth applications generall require a few more preparatory steps; wearing a hair cap, putting on barrier cream, etc., and spray a continuous stream top-to-bottom. In some cases, this method can easily cause an imperfect tan, due to lack of instruction before the session. However, it all comes down to one thing; personal preference!


Q. How long does the tan last?


A. You'll see your color last approximately 7-10 days, las long as  you're taking care of your kin. In order to ensure the longevity of your tan, we recommend moisturizing multiple times daily with a basic moisturizer (BodiBasicz Daily Moisturizer). For the duration of the tan, avoid body scrubs and other exfoliating products until after your color has faded.


Q. I'm going on vacation - is there anything I need to know?


A. Slather on the SPF! As mentioned aboive, you should treat your skin as if it were completely unradiated, despote how dark your spray tan may be. Chlorine and salt water tend to act as an exfoliant to the skin - if you'll be swimming in a pool or the ocean, limit your time, otherwise your tan will not last quite as long.


Q. My friend and I both got the same color depth. Why don't we have the same final result?


A. Your final color depth depends on your original skin tone. Just as everyone responds to the sun's rays differently, spray tanning does not make everyone the same color, either. If two people, one with very light skin tone, the other with a slightly deeper skin tone, both choose to tan at the "medium" color depth, the client wit hthe slightly deeper skin tone will end up darker once developed. Our sunless solutions work with your skin tone to create a customized tan. As always, the professionally trained staff at BodiBronze® Sunless Spa are ready to help choose a color depth for each client based on their skin tone, and what end result they would like to achieve.


Q. Will the solution change my hair color? What about my clothes?


A. The solution we use is designed not to absorb to hair follicles. When you shower after the initial application, any solution that may have gotten into your hair will rinse out. As a guard against seeing cosmetic bronzers during the development period, we typically recommend women who have had their hair recently processed blonde wear a hair cap during their session. All BodiBronze® Solutions are water-soluble, meaning the will rinse out of regular fabrics. We do recommend that you avoid wearing silk or satin materials, as over multiple applications, the solution does tend to tint these fabrics a light shade of pink.


Q. I've tried dozens of different sunless products, and I always turn orange. What's the deal?


A. All products and solutions have varying quality. Low-quality products have a higher tendency to turn users orange. If, however, you're having issues with high-quality products, it could simply be due to your skin's own chemistry. Factors such as acidic skin, hormonal imbalances, and even improperly prepped skin could have a huge impact on the way your airbrush turns out. At BodiBronze® Sunless Spa, we always provide a pH Balancing Treatment that balances the pH levels of your skin, giving us a perfectly balanced complexion to start with. It also evens out dryer areas of skin, preventing over-absorption in those areas, creating a much more even, natural-looking tan overall.


Q. How long until I can shower?


A. Although different products require different amounts of time for development, our Original Bronzing Solution requires 10-12 hours to fully develop. We recommend waiting the full 12 hours before showering, sweating, washing hands, etc. Our Quick Spray Bronzing Solution requires you to shower at a specific time 1-4 hours after application. Your BodiBronze® Certified Airbrush Technician will always tell you exactly when to shower to achieve the results you are looking for. Always double-check the time your solution needs for development in order to ensure a great looking tan!


Q. I'm doing this for a special event. When should I come in?


A. Generally, we recommend coming in 2 days before any scheduled event, as your airbrush will be at it's peak color 48 hours after application. For example: If you're in/attending a wedding on Saturday, we would suggest coming in on Thursday of that week. If you're going on vacation, however, we recommend coming in as close to the date of departure as possible. This will ensure your color lasts as long as possibly throughout your time away. As another example: If you're leaving for a cruise on Wednesday, we would recommend scheduling your appointment for Tuesday, the day prior to your trip. Of course, scheduling is always flexible, so call us with any questions, or if you're looking for suggestions.


Q. I'm pregnant. Can I get a spray tan? Will you tan pregnant women?


A. We love spraying pregnancy bellies! We will absolutely spray tan pregnant women. We do recommend that you have a conversation with your personal doctor to ensure they are OK with your decision to get spray tanned. Our solutions are formulated from natural ingredients, and there are no toxins absorbed or breathed in during your session.

Every room at all BodiBronze® Certified locations is outfitted with over-spray extraction booths and are very well ventilated to ensure very little spray remains in the air during application. We also offer nose filters, eye protection, and disposable garments for those that choose to use these items for additional protection.


If you have any questions, feel free to call and speak with any BodiBronze® Certified Spray Tan Technician. We would be more than happy to help with any concerns!

FDA Recommendations


Please do not let the media rush you to judgement in regards to spray tanning. Read all of the information available - we would be happy to help with any confusion regarding recent studies.


"The FDA general does not approve ingredients or cosmetic products, but they do specifically approve colors for use in cosmetic products, for example: FD&C colors and Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is approved for use externally and they have provided guidelines for use i.e. protecting eyes, mucous membranes and preventing inhalation. We are not aware of any FDA studies underlying these guidelines or that indicate in any way that DHA is unsafe. However, the guidelines stand and we recommend that they should be followed.


Europe has a significantly more advanced approval process for cosmetics. In December 2010, the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety issued a 35 page Opinion on Dihydroxyacetone in which they concluded that sunless tanning with DHA solutions does not pose a risk to the health of the consumer.


Every sunless solution sold in Europe must pass a safety assessment and the assessors will use the Commission's Opinion as the basis for their review.


The European Safety Evaluation can be found here:

Study on Dihydroxyacetone


Since the US regulators have given very little in the way of definitive materials on sunless products, we look to the comprehensive European documentation for guidance on safety."


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