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  • Shower, shave and exfoliate. Do not use a sugar, salt or oily scrubs, as these can leave behind a residue that can affect solution absorption. It is sufficient to exfoliate using only a washcloth. Don't forget to scrub around the neck, chest, armpits, elbows, knees and ankles, removing as much dead skin cells as possible. We suggest using our BodiCleanz® pH Balancing Body Wash and our BodiScrubz Exfoliating Creme for best results.

  • After your shower, do not apply lotion, deodorant, make-up, or perfume. If you cannot avoid wearing deodorant or make-up, we do have make-up wipes to remove those products from the skin before your session.

  • If you are planning on getting a mani, pedi, or wax, we recommend that you get these done BEFORE your spray tan.

  • During your session, you may wear whatever your feel comfortable getting spray tanned in. If you prefer no tan lines, women have the option to go nude. BodiBronze® Sunless Spa does have an all-female staff, so we do request that our males clients wear some form of bottoms.

  • Wear dark, lose-fitting clothing and flip-flops after your session, through the duration of the development period.

  • You will develop for the specified amount of time given to you by your BodiBronze® Certified Spray Tan Technician. Avoid getting wet, sweating, or washing your hands & face during this time.

  • During the initial shower, avoid using washcloths or loofas. If you were spray with the Quick Spray Bronzing Solution, do not use soap or shower gel until the morning following your application.



  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas, massages, salt water, chlorine, extended, hot showers, baths, loofas, washcloths and hard towel-drying of your skin.

  • Use a gentle cleanser like our BodiCleanz® pH Balancing Body Wash to keep your skin hydrated. We recommend BodiBasicz Daily Moisturizer for every day use, and BodiExtendz® Bronzing Moisturizer for extended sunless results. For areas that may fade quicker than others, we offer BodiBlendz® Touch Up Spray for quick color on-the-go.


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