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(217) 355-1101  |  bodibronzecu@gmail.com  |  Champaign, IL   

BodiBronze® Sunless Spa takes privacy seriously. We will never sell or redistribute any information gathered from our site.

It is imperative to balance your skin's pH levels before your airbrush session, and through the life of your tan. Use BodiCleanz® pH Balancing Body Wash before and after your sunless tanning session for the longest lasting and most evenly distributed tan. BodiCleanz® helps prevent orange tinting, prepares skin to receive sunless solution, and defends against uneven fading.


BodiCleanz® Features: Vegan Formula, Non-Comedogenic, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Vitamins C, E

BodiCleanz pH Balancing Body Wash