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Welcome to BodiBronze Sunless Spa, where we offer a safe and natural-looking alternative to traditional tanning methods. Our sunless spray tans are perfect for those who want a beautiful bronzed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays.

Our salon offers two different types of solution! They both give you the same end result - the only difference is the processing time! Our original solution requires you to process for 12-16 hours before showering. Our quick spray solution has a processing time of 1-4 hours depending on how dark or light you want to be. 

At BodiBronze Sunless Spa, we also offer an innovative Anti-Aging ML spray that goes beyond just tanning. This solution is enriched with a powerful vitamin serum (A, C, E) designed to lock in extra moisture, enhancing your skin's vibrancy and ensuring a smoother fade. While ML spray is not a replacement for regular moisturization, we recommend adding it on as the final touch to either of our solutions for better results, helping you maintain a radiant and youthful glow.

Sunless Spray Tan - Champaign IL

Full Body

For a Full Body Spray


Upper Body


Full Body - 
No Stomach


Legs Only


Give the Gift of Radiance

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